Slough Pond Swim Sojourn


Slough Pond is for the swimming

We sent our intrepid reporter out into the field to research pond water quality.

What we got back instead is highly suspect from a scientific basis.

But it was clearly a defining experience for him.

Read it by clicking here.

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  1. Susan Spencer says:

    The secret’s out! We love Slough Pond. So clean and serene, even with the happy campers. I only hope we can save the landing hillside from further erosion. Sine a tree came down in a storm a few years back, the hillside has turned from grassy to basically dirt. It gets worse as people drag their boats down to the water. The shore has crumbled, exposing roots of a remaining tree. Can we help BCT save the landing?

    • says:

      HI there,
      I realize your post was back in 2013…but we are still here! I am new to BCT and am the communications coordinator. Thanks for reaching out about Slough Pond. I know that the Town is starting a project to take care of the problems with the Slough Pond landing . And, I can reach out to Chris Miller (at Dept of Natural Resources to get more detail) Dorria (Dee) Marsh 508-364-5561 Thanks, again for your support.

    • says:

      HI Susan, I just heard back from Chris at DNR. And, again, sorry to be getting back to you after a long delay. The landing at Slough Pond is a town access point so the responsibility for managing it falls on the Natural Resources Department. They have recently started a project to protect the landing area by putting in a new launch ramp, stabilizing the shoreline and replanting the grass area. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Miller at 508-896-4546.

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