On the trail_B Newman

Peaceful walk  – by Bonnie Newman

BCT and the Town of Brewster worked together to provide a substantial trail system that explores both BCT and Brewster Town Conservation lands.  We invite you to enjoy the peace and beauty of undeveloped land and appreciate the importance of open space.


Download FULL Brewster Trail Map HERE

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Click below for individual trail maps:
Welcome & Legend
1 & 2) Quivett Marsh Vista / John & Kristi Hay Trail
3 & 4) John Wing Trail & Lee Baldwin Trail
5 & 6) Eddy Bay Trail / Eddy Sisters Trail
7) Calf Field Pond Trails
8 & 9) Eagle Pond & Seymour Pond Trails
10 & 11) Sheep Pond Woodlands & Spruce Hill Conservation Area
12) Bakers Pond Trail

BCT trails are open –

BCT understands how important it is to spend time in nature, especially in times like these. While we are doing our best to socially distance ourselves and abide by the state’s stay-at-home advisory, we also seek comfort and adventure in favorite and new local trails. We thought we would share guidelines and trail etiquette that allows us to keep the trails open and to also respect the health and safety of all users.

  • Choose an uncrowded trail. Gatherings of 10 or more people are impermissible under the Baker-Polito Administration’s stay-at-home advisory. Avoid peak hours of the day when more people are likely to be present. If the parking area is full, please try a different property or return at a later time.
  • Pack it in/pack it out. Please take home whatever you’ve brought with you, including your garbage. Many seasoned hikers recognize this as key to Leave No Trace principles. COVID-19 can live on surfaces for several days, so keep others safe by taking your trash home with you.
  • Please do not touch or use benches, fences, or kiosks. These surfaces are not sanitized and may harbor COVID-19.
  • Leash your dog and carry home dog waste. Your dog is welcome on BCT properties, but we ask that they remain leashed at all times for the safety of others and their dogs. Your dog’s poop can contain bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to wildlife, and it is a nitrogen pollutant, so please bag it up and take it home for disposal. The CDC states that there is no evidence of COVID-19 transmission from pets to humans, but unleashed dogs can result in close interactions with other people.
  • Observe social distance, and be considerate to other trail users. Follow CDC guidelines and keep social distance of at least 6′ away from other people not in your household, even outside.
  • When others approach on a narrow trail, a hiker on the downhill side of the trail should step aside to allow the person coming uphill to pass easily. If you would like to pass someone on a trail, please be patient and announce your presence so that they can step aside when they have the space to do so. And always be kind to others!
  • Leave what you find. Please do not collect natural objects and artifacts, and do not damage live trees and plants, including cutting flowers.
Report any damage to natural resources or physical infrastructure to BCT.