Brewster Conservation Trust Supports Sea Camps Acquisition


Thank you to 1,495 Brewster residents for attending September 26 town meeting. Voters enthusiastically approved the $26m purchase of both bay and pond parcels, 110 acres.
And, Thank you, again! Special Election Results: Both the pond and bay parcel debt exclusion passed! See full results on the Town of Brewster page here.
Congratulations Brewster!


Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The Brewster Conservation Trust supports the Town of Brewster’s acquisition of the Cape Cod Sea Camp properties and was excited to learn that a negotiated agreement to purchase the properties has been reached.
Both properties offer substantial opportunities for public benefits, and BCT especially recognizes the important conservation value of the Long Pond parcel. At 66 acres, it is one of the largest undeveloped parcels remaining on Cape Cod. Half of the property is located within the Town’s well field recharge area, vital for protection of Brewster’s drinking water quality, and has features recognized by the Commonwealth as important for sustaining ecological health and diversity.   With beach frontage on Cape Cod’s largest pond and abutting 42 acres of existing public walking trails owned by Town, the parcel also provides significant opportunities for recreation.
Over almost 40 years, BCT has often partnered with the Town in support of conserving natural open spaces. In that long history, this chance to acquire so many potential benefits for the public is unique — a once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve the best of Brewster. Accordingly, BCT has pledged to contribute $1.75 million to the Town’s acquisition of the Long Pond property – representing its largest ever capital campaign commitment.
We urge the public to continue to support this acquisition and urge everyone to participate in the future planning process for these two incredible properties.

“Cape Cod Sea Camps – Conservation of Regional Impact”
Read article by Mark Robinson, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc.,




Read Brewster Plans for Community Involvement in Determining Future Uses for Cape Cod Sea Camps

Brewster Select Board and CC Sea Camps sign agreement for purchase

Watch the Brewster Select Board Sea Camps Informational Forum from September 17, 2021 HERE.

View the slide presentation shown at the September 17, 2021 Informational Forum HERE.

Watch a video of the Brewster Select Board Informational Forum from August 17th, 2021 HERE.

View the July 26, 2021, Select Board presentation HERE

View maps and other informational documents, and to see the latest news on the Cape Cod Sea Camps acquisition by the Town of Brewster you can refer to the Town’s Info Page HERE.

CCSC bay parcel

Cape Cod Sea Camps 55 acre Bay Parcel










CCSC Long Pond Parcel

Cape Cod Sea Camps 66-acre Long Pond Parcel











































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