Winter Solstice Story Walk at Windmill Meadows

Come visit our FIRST Winter Solstice StoryWalk® experience, at Windmill Meadows at Drummer Boy Park. Runs the month of December (weather depending)
StoryWalk® is an opportunity to share a book with your children (or grandchildren) as you wander from page to page and take a walk on a nature trail. Celebrate the joy of reading and the great outdoors!
The whole family will enjoy walking through the meadow pathway and reading a book. The Shortest Day, by Wendy Pfeffer is a lyrical prose and with illustrations. The story explains what the winter solstice is and how it has been observed by various cultures throughout history. Many contemporary holiday traditions were borrowed from ancient solstice celebrations. Simple science activities, ideas for celebrating the day in school and at home, and a further-reading list are included.
Find a map to Windmill Meadow HERE.
Learn more about StoryWalk® HERE.
You can take out a copy of this book at the Brewster Ladies Library and buy one for your very own at the Brewster Bookstore!


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