Vernal Pool Trail Work 10-24-19

We cleaned up the Vernal Pool Trail, opened up the stone wall to make it easier to pass, and installed the measuring rod with our hard working crew (Andy, Les, Steve, Nick and Jeff).  We had visions of placing the rod in the center of the pool, presumably the deepest spot.  But 2 steps in and we were up to our waist.  The water was high and the mud was soft.  So we placed it relatively close to the bank, where it is more accessible and visible.  In the winter when it is drier and perhaps frozen, we may consider moving this further out or placing another rod in the center.  Or perhaps next spring using canoes/rowboats.  But for now, success!  Photos of rod installation attached.  Thank You BCT Volunteer Work Crew and staff Land Stewardship Specialist, Jeff Thibodeau.  (photos by Jeff Thibodeau)


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