Help Trust raise $60,000 to preserve land on Main Street, Dollar Pond

Main Street at Dollar Pond

Give the gift of land and life!  You can help the Brewster Conservation Trust preserve 2.6 acres at Dollar Pond. Make a tax-deductible contribution in honor of your family or friends.  Use our website’s handy and secure donation-by-credit card link.  Or send a check made out to BCT at P.O. Box 268, Brewster MA 02631, referring to “Dollar Pond.” 

The Swift family owned this property for the past 50 years; we are buying it from Brewster’s Jackson Crocker, part of that family.  The Swifts and Crockers lived on Stony Brook Road for many years.  The cranberry bog on the property was pretty much gone by the time they acquired it, but Mr. Crocker farmed potatoes there for a while.  Now, the land has grown up to maples and tupelos and highbush blueberries, a terrific habitat for songbirds and hiding dens for deer. 

We need $60,000 to buy this property, which includes 450 feet along Brewster’s busy Main Street, just east of the Lemon Tree Shops.  Help us preserve shoreline on little Dollar Pond as well. For more about this acquisition, please see the front page of our December 2011 newsletter.

Here is a map showing the strategic importance of this parcel, outlined in orange, as it adjoins conserved areas (in green) between Main Street and Stony Brook Road (click on map to enlarge):






Here is a photo showing the healthy wooded shoreline on Dollar Pond along the parcel (click on photo to enlarge).  The arching shrubs in the foreground are Water-willow (Decodon), which is the only host plant for the larval stage of the rare water-willow stem borer moth (Papaipema sulphurata).

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