The Social Construction of Nature with Mary Doucette

“The Social Construction of Nature”
Virtual talk with BCT AmeriCorps member Mary Doucette – May 20, 2021

Mary Doucette discusses how nature can be regarded as a social construct that has varied across history and culture, and how we have come to view ourselves and society in relation to nature. This is a more philosophical and theoretical topic that truly makes oneself think about their own relationship to the environment and how it has been structured by the society they live in.
Mary is currently serving as BCT’s 2020-2021 AmeriCorps Cape Cod member, and was the Land Stewardship summer intern at BCT in 2019 and 2020. Mary has bachelor’s degrees in both Environmental Studies and Sociology


An Invitation to Environmental Sociology. By Michael Mayerfeld Bell and Loka L. Ashwood.

Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociology. By Kenneth A. Gould and Tammy L. Lewis.

Society, Biology, and Ecology: Bringing Nature Back Into Sociology’s Disciplinary Narrative Through Critical Realism. By Michael S. Carolan.

Beyond the Nature/Society Divide: Learning to Think about a Mountain. By William R. Freudenburg, Scott Frickel, and Robert Gramling.

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