Ponds Summit 2021 – BPC

Watch the 2021 Ponds Summit HERE

The Brewster Ponds Coalition presented the 2021 Ponds Summit on Saturday, April 10 at 9AM via Zoom. This year’s topics included ongoing cyanobacteria research in Brewster, MA, stopping erosion at Lower Mill Pond, and the announcement of an exciting new matching grant program!

The Science:
BPC welcomed Nancy Leland, an affiliate faculty member at the Center for Freshwater Biology and Ecotoxicology at the University of New Hampshire. Nancy talked about the Lower Mill Pond food web study that began in 2019. This study, conducted by BPC volunteer citizen scientists, is part of our overall research to understand cyanobacteria in our ponds. In addition, lead citizen scientist Marty Burke described what BPC volunteers are doing to identify cyanobacteria in local ponds and the aerosolized toxins that they generate in the air around them.

The Volunteers: BPC Board members Nancy Ortiz and Rob Condon joined Bruce Swiren for a chat about their successful stormwater retention project at Lower Mill Pond.

The Grant Program: BPC was pleased to announce the creation of a new grant program designed to support and incentivize community efforts to improve our ponds. Find out if your pond is eligible for funding to improve your pond’s water quality.

Check out Brewster Ponds Coalition website HERE.

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