Planting Day at Blueberry Pond!

Hooray for Planting Day!

Blueberry Pond Storm Water Management

September 28, 2017 – The groups’ work-day started off with basket of apples (thanks to Cal Mutti) and truck load of plants and just a few hours later – they had one heck of a rain garden for the Blueberry Pond Storm Water Management area.

This collaborative project has taken just about two years to complete.  Working along with the Brewster Department of Natural Resources, local engineers, the Brewster Ponds Coalition, the neighborhood groups of Save Blueberry and Sol’s Pond and Ocean Edge, the BCT has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this extremely productive group.  And now a beautiful and useful rain garden and storm water management system that will not only help keep Blueberry Pond clean and but also hope to set an example for other pond communities to follow.

Excessive run off at the bottom of a steep road decline was pouring into Blueberry pond, a well-loved pond that was already in trouble. BCT owns the land at the low point of the road.


  • After identifying the problem we worked with all groups to brainstorm.
  • Engineer John O’Reilly helped develop the solution.
  • We gathered information on rain gardens from APCC and the Brewster Ponds Coalition.
  • Engineer O’REilly completed two dry wells.
  • Volunteers seeded a native mix suitable for a wet detention basis to stabilize the soil.
  • This fall volunteers planted native shrubs that are tolerant of wet conditions. These further stabilize the soil while providing good and habitat for wildlife – and they are beautiful.


If you have a steep driveway leading to a road or another place where storm water creates a problem, consider a rain garden. Look for information:




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