New Land Purchases Need YOUR Help!

BCT’s Bonnie Newman poses on Whale Rock next to Higgins Windmill

They range from the most well-loved scene on Main Street (next to the Windmill) to the obscurity of the Punkhorn’s back-woods, but they need you to help us save them!

For details on the parcels and the campaign to save these Most Wanted, click here.

The Brewster Conservation Trust has bitten off a lot to chew this year.  We are currently raising private funds for four separate parcels, totaling 12 acres and $589,000.   Two of the four parcels abut Priority Ponds (Greenland Pond and Dollar Pond) and help to preserve water quality and provide on-foot access to these ponds.   One is part of the Windmill Meadows admired near Drummer Boy Park.  And the last is a “missing link” in the protected quilt of the Punkhorn Parklands.  All abut other preserved lands.

You can make a secure donation on-line by clicking here.

Or contact us at for more information on making a tax-deductible contribution to one or more of these projects.


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