Native Plants with Kristin Andres, APCC

“Native Plants for Cape Cod Gardens”
Virtual Talk with Kristin Andres, Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) –  May 12 at6 pm 

Watch Kristin’s Talk on Native Gardens HERE

What’s so special about native plants and why should they be a cornerstone of our tended landscapes? Native plants are those best adapted to thrive in the region where they are found.  Many native plants are drought tolerant, salt tolerant, and thrive in the “thin” soils found on Cape Cod. Native plants are as attractive as any plant, and are reflective of the Cape’s natural beauty. By planting native species appropriate for Cape Cod, you can conserve water, avoid pesticide and fertilizer use, and support pollinators and birds.  In this virtual talk, Kristin Andres, APCC’s Associate Director, shares her knowledge and passion for native plants and the value of making a nature connection in our gardens.
For more information on Native Gardening on Cape Cod go to APPC’s special site at Cape Cod Native Plants – HERE
Watch APPC’s Virtual Talk with “Nature’s Best Hope” author, Doug Tallamy HERE
Kristin recommended this site Xerces.Org.  The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is an international nonprofit organization that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. Their key programs include: pollinator conservation, endangered species conservation, and reducing pesticide use and impacts.

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