BBCT at work1rewster Conservation Trust is responsible for over 1300 acres of land in Brewster. Our stewardship includes preserving the land for conservation, protection of natural habitat, and creating passive recreation opportunities for the community. Click here you would like to learn more about volunteering with BCT’s Land Stewardship program.

Clearing properties under N Star power lines:  The BCT Land Stewards cleared difficult-to-remove scrub pine and oak trees under the power lines at two locations in order to preclude NStar utility company (now Eversource Energy) from using herbicides in these natural areas of Brewster. One property was a newly acquired tract off Earthbound Cartway in west Brewster; the other was part of a two-acre parcel in east Brewster that abuts the 450-acre main well field for the town of Orleans. 

2014 04 the crew Orleans Power Lines, 002

EHassard foundation cleared EFddy Bay Trail and Historic Site:  In a effort to create a path for the public to enjoy this spectacular view of the Cape Cod Bay in Brewster, the BCT Land Stewards cleared a 1-mile walking trail on this 30 acre site. Part of this effort uncovered an historic stonewall believed to be the foundation of a house and later cranberry shed used by early Brewster families, the Hassards and later the Thorndikes in the late 1800s.  

The Importance of Meadows: As open lands become forested, meadowland habitat for pollinators (bees and butterflies) and habitat for small animals is lost. BCT’s land stewards are restoring meadows by removing invasive non-native plants and periodic mowing.

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