BCD14 speakerBrewster Conservation Trust recognizes how critical it is to build broad community commitment to conservation.   In support of its mission, BCT has hosted a variety of communication and public outreach activities over the years.  These events help educate the public about the importance of land conservation and promote preservation of Brewster’s special habitats and water resources.  BCT’s strategy focuses on outreach to Brewster’s youth and strengthening relationships with Town government as well as connecting to the broader community.

Brewster Conservation Day:
BCD puppet showIn July 2015, BCT hosted its 4th annual Brewster Conservation Day at Drummer Boy Park.  This event offered something for everyone, with 40 interactive exhibits for adults and children, speakers on conservation issues, and games for kids. 

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Workshop for Landowners:   

Doble sistersBCT hosts workshops for landowners who are interested in learning more about ways to protect their land in partnership with the Brewster Conservation Trust.  Attendees learn about the benefits of land donations, conservation restrictions, and current guidelines on how the state tax credit program works.

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Vernal Pool Volunteer honored:   

Vernal PoolBrewster conservationists gathered at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History on August 7th to attend the 32nd annual meeting of the Brewster Conservation Trust.   Among the highlights were a presentation by The Nature Conservancy’s Jon Kachmar about the restoration of wild oyster reefs and BCT’s Conservationist of the Year award to Brewster’s own Jim Van Baalen for his stellar volunteer work certifying vernal pools.  Click here to read the full story: