MILL POND FISHERMANThe primary tool for protecting Brewster’s abundant natural resources, including our drinking water supply, ponds, open space, scenic vistas and sensitive habitats, is by preserving strategic pieces of land, through purchases, donations or conservation easements. BCT identifies parcels with high environmental value and negotiates with land owners, using partnership funding and tax incentives. High value lands include those within drinking water supply zones, containing pond frontage or rare habitat, and parcels abutting other conservation holdings. Click here to learn more about land owner options.

HuckleberryHillHuckleberry Hill:  The Brewster Conservation Trust completed a fundraising campaign that raised $120,600 to buy a parcel that helped preserve 10 acres atop the highest hill in Brewster.  Read the full story: Huckleberry Hill  

Windmill-SpurgeWindmill Meadows: BCT acted quickly when a parcel on Route 6A in front of Drummer Boy Park came on the market. We succeeded in protecting one of Brewster’s iconic views – to the historic Nickerson windmill and Cape Cod Bay in the distance beyond. 

Greenland Pond: Ponds are part of Brewster’s magic, so protecting them is a priority for BCT. We went out on a limb to acquire a parcel fronting on Greenland pond and containing a rare beech forest.


2012 09 Greenland Pond reflection PG IMG_2233