Voters at Town Meeting on May 4th overwhelmingly approved two articles to continue Brewster’s commitment to clean drinking water, by preserving 4.3 acres near our public water wells.

The Town Open Space Committee has negotiated bargain sales for two parcels of land (0.6 acre and 3.7 acres) abutting the Town wellfields.  Preserving these parcels as Town open space will keep more houses, yards and septic systems from draining into the water supply.  The Brewster Conservation Trust has agreed to hold a perpetual conservation restriction on the parcels, further ensuring their protection.  BCT will also contribute $30,000 towards the $200,000 total purchase price.

Town Meeting voters  dedicated $85,000 from the open space account within the existing Community Preservation Fund.  Remaining funds will come from the Water Department revenues.  No new taxes will be required for these land purchases.

Approval of Article #28 will enable the purchase of almost four acres of beautiful beech woods on Route 137 (see photo above).  It sits next to the small parking area that serves as the western entrance to the Town’s main wellfield, where many people walk the old trails crisscrossing the 170 acres of forest out to Freemans Way.

The favorable vote on Article #29 will preserve a small but buildable lot in the heart of the Punkhorn Parklands.  It is strategically located at the intersection of West Gate Road and Black Duck Cartway, the two primary through-routes in the Punkhorn.

Santorello map for Art#28.2015 ATM